Everything about us. ALMOST.

We design with purpose and meaning, and we have fun along the way. Actually, we don’t really believe you can make something great without being in love with it. Loving our work is our reason for being.

The Team


Adam Engel

Adam is the original Running Robot, he is all about the massive impact a digital strategy can have on a small business. He has worn many hats in his career, entrepreneur, adviser, strategist, director of operations, CEO. As a result, he has a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. Perfected in brand strategy, he is the man who can convert insights and strategies into sustainable and useful advantages for the companies and organizations we work with.

Kiley Murphy

Kiley is a recent graduate from the University of Iowa, who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and an Entrepreneurial Certificate. Kiley was born in Hawaii, and grew up in Davenport, IA. As a member of Running Robots, Kiley actively designs and codes WordPress websites for small businesses, and has managed a handful of design projects including banners, logo, and print stationery. On the weekends Kiley enjoys riding his bike, swimming, camping, and hanging out with his pup, Charlie.

Hailey Boileau

Hailey is from Waterloo, Iowa and had a BFA in Graphic Design from The University of Iowa. Hailey loves the opportunity to work with people who share a passion for utilizing good design to help local entrepreneurs thrive. In addition to Running Robots, Hailey manages at T-Spoons, an Iowa City original. Recently, her two greatest passions, writing and designing, merged to take on the form of a comic book, which was sold alongside other artists at a local Iowa City event. When she is not designing websites or serving up hot coffee, Hailey likes to spend her time outside with friends, cooking and reading fiction thrillers.


We employ people who value a balanced and sustainable lifestyle and take time to enjoy life outside of work. We would never ask our people to work 50-hour weeks. We refuse to pitch for clients that keep us at arms-length. We encourage personal projects. And we take time off with our team – to be together and learn new stuff.
This makes people want to stay with us for a long time, and we’re proud of that. It’s a strength. It creates a consistency in culture and a high quality of work. We’re absolutely sure that this strength enhances the work we do for our clients.

Our Mission

Provide an exceptional cloud technology experience that brings value to the businesses in our community.

Think of our relationship as a new romance. Would you be looking for someone who agrees with everything you say, does everything you tell him to do, and sits by the phone all day waiting for your call? Or would you rather be with an opinionated partner who isn’t afraid to challenge you, someone with the guts to ask the seemingly stupid questions that really need to be asked? Precisely.


We strive to consistently do the right things for the right reasons.


We bring a high level of competence and wisdom to the needs of our clients.


We personally engage in the mission of the company. The mission is what we do…. Everything else is just talk.


We strive to honor God in all that we do and give the proper respect to the people that we serve.


We bring enjoyment and enthusiasm to the tasks at hand… and let good things run wild!


We strive to fulfill the needs and expectations of those we assist with the best of our abilities.

Our Approach

If we were to design an identity for a coffee shop, we’d visit the coffee shop, chat with customers, and drink coffee there until we could really understand what made that coffee shop special. Only then would we begin to develop ideas and apply our craftsmanship. Read more about our approach to design and strategy.

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Our Services

Our work is contemporary, has a character of its own and creates a strong visual impression – but it is always based on our design process. Our process means an analytical approach to the task that ensures real and measurable effects and adds value for both you and your audience.

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