Technology Support

As a business owner, do you feel like your left hand isn’t talking to your right? Or, that your right hand is running a million miles/hr to keep up with the left? You’re not alone, small business owners can be overwhelmed with day to day operations and this leaves the technology outdated and or disconnected from the business.
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With so many cloud solutions available, how do you know you’re selecting the correct technology for your business?

Selecting the correct solution is often just as complicated as implementation of that solution.

Running Robots will evaluate your entire technology floorplan and make sure the pieces are working as they should or help implement changes.

The Running Robots 2-year IT Roadmap illustrates key initiatives, timeframes, priorities, and budgets so your team can plan for the growth of your organization. Our CIO services make technology a strategic asset for your company not another headache.

According to the NSBA 95% of small business owners stated that keeping up with new technology was very important to the success of their businesses.

Case Study

Tryon investments was operating out of North Liberty with a local Exchange server and an Active Directory domain controller. These solutions were costing the company time and money to maintain. Running Robots was able to migrate these services to Microsoft Office 365 and eliminate the need for an onsite server.

Services Provided by Running Robots

  • Network Design
  • System Sizing
  • Storage Design
  • Monitoring and Alerting