Thank you for the follow-up questions and allowing me to address some of XXXXX’s concerns. I apologize in advance for the long email rant and sometimes straightforward/snarky tone but, I’m somewhat (ok, ok, very) passionate about these services and their ability to serve your enterprise needs. I strangely enjoy this process!
What is Concrete5? – (Let’s first address the low hanging fruit)
The small lightweight content management system concrete5 is a flexible platform and is used by .01% of all websites. Just as in your situation with Domino, there is a small set of users and developers that use and know the technology. This limits its ability to offer advanced security and innovative features as the technology advances over time speed up.
I also wanted to mention the hit by a bus theory (again). I did a quick google search and couldn’t find more than 1 concrete5 developer in Iowa. Also, 94% of the user base is still using version 5. The company has just released version 8. This indicates to me that the software is difficult to update. See Statistics Here
Security – Other development companies pitch security as a strong point of these type of systems and claim to be more secure than WordPress. This could not be further from the truth and I would argue the opposite is true. For example, Just a few years ago, the rumor was spread that Apple’s Macs could not get a virus and they were, therefore, safer than a Windows PC. This was far from true. An outdated Mac and a Windows PC if left unpatched can be equally vulnerable to malicious attacks. The same is true for websites if either system (WordPress or Concrete5) is left unmaintained, they are vulnerable for hackers to find their way into your system. In this instance, I would rather use a team of enterprise developers that power 28% of all online stores in the world working to monitor and maintain my site over .01% praying they don’t have vulnerabilities.
What enterprise solution is best for XXXXXX, a $100 million business? WooCommerce vs Magento mixed platform:
I wanted to address the concerns and help explain our reasoning for choosing to use Woocommerce for this project. Although we did not quote a Magento offering we have used this solution in the past and know the system’s offerings. It was a close decision but, in the end, if you evaluate your use case, your business needs and the data structures of both systems, we feel WooCommerce is the winner in this instance.
At the beginning of each project proposal, our team meets and we carefully evaluate and discuss each requested feature. We then start a product solution matrix comparing the features of each possible solution and the requirements of the project. These products are then ranked against each other and totaled to determine the winner and the solutions we will propose. See our comparison here (Link Removed)
References and Use Cases
I’ve reached out to the developers that could be helping us with this project to see if they had any other sites I could use to help demonstrate the ability of this enterprise-grade platform. Below is a list of sites and a brief description of their projects.
Raybuck provides high-quality auto parts and is focused on providing a higher level of customer service than “The Big Guys” while still offering competitive (and often better) prices. This project proved to be quite complex due to the complexities of migrating the previous non-mobile-friendly website content to the new mobile-responsive WooCommerce system. The database boasts over 15,000 products, 80,000 customers and hundreds of thousands of orders, which all had to be imported in from an old FoxPro Database Management System Utilizing Gravity Forms and Woo, we were able to create many conditional product options with color and material swatch pickers. The conditional fields are all based on the attributes of each product. Also, we’ve integrated with a 3rd party search system to give customers a precise search and product filtering experience.
Australia’s leading manufacturer of tools such as drills, end mills, taps and more. Sutton Tools decided WooCommerce was the ideal solution to house their 21,000 products being a stable and flexible eCommerce platform.WooCommerce has proven it can handle even the most difficult tasks.
An industry leader in Genuine Subaru Parts distribution, Subaru Parts has been supplying genuine parts to Subaru Dealers and the public across the US and Canada since 1995. They ship hundreds of orders daily accurately and quickly via their fully interactive DIY site powered by WooCommerce and ASP.Net.
Marty, Dave, and Owen offer products and accessories for road bikes, off-road bikes, and adventure bikes, as well as suspension tuning services out of their workshop – a specialized engineering facility in Boronia, Victoria. Driven by innovation, this in-house development team keeps up-to-date with changes to each brand of motorcycle, continually testing and fine-tuning to deliver the best service possible. They have been using WooCommerce since 2012 and enjoy the flexibility and ease of use.
Duracell has an outside development partner and a team of in-house designers that manage the e-commerce site. The distribution network and order fulfillment are all handled using WordPress and WooCommerce connected to their ERP and CRM systems. They are a large company with revenue‎ in 2015 of ‎$2 billion.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I’d be glad to help answer them.
Hope you all had a great weekend! Enjoy this amazing weather while it lasts,

Adam Engel