Now that we have the project underway, let’s get some details around your new video and images were are looking to capture. Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability. These will help us paint the picture (or shoot the video) to more accurately represent your business.

Say Cheese!

  • These options were selected and outlined in your proposal. Items selected here not included in your proposal will result in additional charges.
  • Beginning of Video

    In each video we create, we want to create a clear beginning, middle and ending. The questions below help us frame these areas and start to storyboard your videos.
  • Middle of Video

  • End of Video

  • Headshots, Images and Drone Videos

  • Please list the full names and positions.
    First NameLast NamePosition 
  • Sales Department? Executive leader team? The employees that interact with customers the most should have their pictures on the website. This leads to a stronger personal connection with customers.
  • When flying a drone to capture arial footage, we might need to have special clearance.